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    Drug Trials

    Hello, My doctor has suggested two drug trials and I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge or input about either of them. One is R-Pramipexole and the other is Talampanel. Of course there is always the chance that one could be in a placebo group. Thanks, Cari
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    need advice

    Hello, I just found about a couple different things that I would love to have some feedback on. I learned about Dr. Shroff in India doing Embryonic stem cell therapy and getting results. the website is Another interesting site is and then you go to...
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    Alternative therapies

    Hello, I just read Steven Shackel's website. We are on the same page in terms of therapies, supplements and philosophy. Anyone else familiar with his research? Thanks, Cari
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    ALS and Herpes

    Hello, I was reading about an association with ALS and herpes virus. Anyone else have any comments about this? Thanks cr