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    Meeting New Doctor

    Dear Beebe, Went to Columbia today to meet the new neurologist and was pleased. He did a very thorough evaluation and set me up for another EMG and Spinal tap. So I go back on June 16th for both and back again a week after the tests. They have their own team so they re-do some of the testing...
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    Meeting New Doctor

    Good Morning Everyone, Tomorrow I am going for the first time to Columbia Presbyterian ALS Clinic for another evaluation and I must say I am nervous and a little scared and when I am scared I always come here for the positive reinforcement. I was wondering if any of you could give me a little...
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    Granny Needs to Brag!

    Dear Leah, Congratulations on your new baby grandaughter! What a joy for you and your family! The babies are just so wonderful, they make you forget everything. They bring such joy and make you just smile and smile and smile! Mimi :) :) :)
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    Hi everyone

    Hi Gordie, I am so sorry about your diagnosed. I am still going through the process of elimination, but my neurologist was telling me last week that he is still leaning toward als but will continue to do more testing to rule it out. I know how you feel. When the doctor started discussing...
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    Need some advice

    Good Morning All, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have an appointment to go to Columbia Presbyterian to the ALS center on May 18th. My neurologist has done the majority of tests to try and conclude his diagnosis but wants me to have 2 more tests and see me back in June...
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    Married 30 years Today.

    Congratulations Sandy to you and your husband on 30 beautiful years! Bless you both. Mimi
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    Spinal Taps

    Hello All, I am still going through more extensive testing and go to the neurologist again today. He has been talking about me having a spinal tap and was wondering if you could give me some insite into the need of this procedure. He is not very good at explaining and tries to evade some of my...
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    New member to forum

    Thank You I cannot tell you all how welcomed you made me feel and not so alone. Thank you, Thank you soooo much! When I heard what the Doctor was saying to me I thought WOW! I am alone! But with all your encouragement I know I'm not. With much gratitude, Mimi
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    New member to forum

    Hello everyone, today my neurologist talked to me about ALS and my possible diagnosis of this. I literally almost fainted with fear. When I got in my car I was so angry I was stamping my feet like a child. As I came upon this site I immediately felt comfort with all of you. I was trying...