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    Family dealing with changes

    So glad you have already received some helpful input. My husband has not been able to bear weight in years. We found a transfer board very helpful - and a few of our caregivers still currently use it to transfer him from bed to the commode chair, etc. This might come in helpful until your...
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    Tired, guilty,stressed

    So sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through. My husband was officially diagnosed in January of 2016 (at the age of 47) and has been in the care of hospice for three years now. Like your husband, he has had many changes in behavior, personality, and thinking. I have done...
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    Two story home

    Has anyone made a two-story home work or is it necessary to have bedroom, shower, living space all on one level? Our bedroom and bathroom (with space for shower modifications) in on the second level. Modifying our lower level powder room into a bathroom with roll-in shower, etc. would be...
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    Shower commode chair

    Thanks for your quick response. The chair is for my husband who was recently diagnosed. He is 5'10" and the regular seat should be fine. The chair does not need to break down for travel. As for now, a recline is not necessary but don't know about down the road. Also don't know about the...
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    Shower commode chair

    Could anyone please recommend a quality shower commode chair (on casters/wheels) that would be fairly reasonably priced? Thank you.