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    No ALS

    I just wanted to share . For the last year I’ve spent a lot of time on this site reading threads from as far back as 2010. spent a lot of time reading every new thread . I was convince I had ALS . To be honest I’m not 100 percent over the idea that I don’t have it but I’m getting there . my...
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    My symptoms

    Previous threads: Posted a few months ago but thread got closed wanted to update since finally I got a new dr . my symptoms August 2020 - ER after stomach...
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    Als concerns

    Hello guys . I’ve had a different thread but got closed . I was anxious and could t really explain my concerns well . Mentally wise I’m doing ok I take Zoloft and had counseling for anxiety and that’s calm me down . However im concern about my symptoms because it somewhat points to ALS . ive...
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    Weird neck symptoms

    Hello I’m 33 , I am experiencing muscle twitches all over body and my muscles feel weak . I’m getting aches in my arm muscle , neck muscle pain is irritating . Wouldn’t say too painful but like a 4 . Few weeks ago felt like it was hard to keep my jaw close but at night it felt like it would open...