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    To those who are trached

    UCSF tells me the annual cost for care etc. is $200,000. Can some of you give me real numbers ? Send me a private message if you don't want it public.
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    Shower chair usage

    We got a shower chair slide system (that slides over the bathtub side) on loan from our local MDA Assoc. It is made from PVC material. The detachable chair fits over the toilet also. Do other PALS use it for toileting ? Does that work well ? We are also planning on getting a Toto washlet...
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    Study proves CoQ-10 DOESN'T work

    ALS center at UCSF will send out letters to all their patients next week
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    Coq-10 Doesn't Work

    UCSF told me today to save my money and stop taking