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    My Loving Husband

    My loving husband Cliff has lost his fight with ALS. He was 48 yrs old. He drifted off to a very peaceful sleep and I am so glad to have fulfilled his wish to pass on at home with his family. It was my great pleasure to be his caregiver at home since June of 2007. he passed away on April 29...
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    He's gone

    Jacquelyn, so sorry about your loss. You and your family are in our thoughts. Terry
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    new member

    Hey, duke. Welcome to our forum, but also very sorry that you must join us. My husband has ALS and we also have young children. A son 7 and our daughter 13. We chose to tell our children right away but I dont know which is better to tell or not.,jury still out onthat one. My husband is 46...
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    Lost A Brother To Als 4 Years Ago Now Losing My Mom To It

    Stacy, so very sorry about the passing of your mother. She no longer has to suffer with this terrible disease. Bless you nad your family. Terry
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    Andres is Free

    Citlalli, Thank you for sharing your husbands beautiful letter with us. i can hardly see to type through my tears of sadness, joy, comfort and friendship. Your husband was a very wise man. i hope that the end can be as special for my own dear husband. i can almost hear the brass...
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    My mom is now in heaven

    Anne, I am very sorry for your loss. I wish you the very best and my heart goes out to you at this sad time. Terry
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    Dharma - Private Messages

    Dharma Thanks Al , I received a private message from dharma yesterday and did not open because I did not ever remember reading anything from her before on the forum. i guess we cant have a forum without some yahoos trying to cause trouble. Terry
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    My husband has ALS

    Hi l2c, I am sorry that you must join us here. My husband has ALS also. He was diagnosed Dec 2006. Where are you from? When was yours diagnosed? do you have children at home? Talk anytime, everyone on here ispretty great. Terry
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    husband diagnosed 8/7

    Dear Linda, I am so very sorry that you have to join us on this site. We are all very needy sometimes and this is the best place to speak your mind and ask any questions that you and your family may have . My husband was diagnosed in Dec 06 . We have a son, 6 and a daughter 13. Please hang in...
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    Did anyone have Fasciculations before Atrophy?

    Fasics and weakness Hello All, My husbands Als symtoms started with weakness in his right ankle and leg. Next was his right arm weakness and then fasics started. He also agrees that fasics are more pronounced when he is very tired or has been doing too much at one time. Terry