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    tmasters Passed Away

    Hi, Tom's children here. Tom died peacefully in his sleep at 10:00 this evening, May 24, 2016, after a bout with pneumonia - and, of course, a long struggle with ALS. We'll miss him.
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    Article about Stu Millheiser

    This article in the local paper recognizes Stu Millheiser and all the fantastic work he does for PALS and their families as founder of ALS Guardian Angels. Everyday Hero: Stuart Millheiser is earth angel | millheiser, family, help - News - The Orange County Register Way to go Stu, and thanks...
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    Communication System for Locked-In PALS

    It's not quite here today, but in the works. This gives hope for those who are afraid of being "Locked In". Scientists Invent Mind-Reading System That Lets You Type With Your Brain -Tom
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    New Trilogy Delivered

    Well, sort of... Help! The RT came to my house this morning with my new Trilogy respirator. This has been in the works for 3 months so I was glad to see him. "Mark, have you ever worked with a Trilogy before?" "No." "But you've been trained on it, right?" "Oh, yeah." "Are you familiar with...
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    Avatar Picture and Private Messaging

    Two problems. Maybe it's just me... Have I been a bad boy? 1. Several days ago my avatar disappeared and I can't replace it. Went to "User CP"->"Edit Avatar", but the menu item to upload a picture has disappeared. 2. The option to send a Private Message to another forum member has...
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    My story of the Diaphragm Pacing System Implant

    I had the Diaphragm Pacing System (DPS) implanted on Wednesday April 11 and I thought I would share my experiences here for those who are interested. While researching for my own decision I soaked up everything I could find here and elsewhere on Al Gore's invention but I still wished there was...
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    Photo album uploaded

    FYI I uploaded a new album in my profile showing my adventures since I retired (went on disability) last year. -Tom
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    ALS Public Service Announcement

    A friend of mine has a production company. On Thursday he shot this public service announcement of me. It's going to be played on the Jumbotron at Angel stadium tonight after the Angel-Dodger game. He did a nice job editing a 20-minute interview down to 90 seconds. I'm really happy my...
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    Garage Sale Story

    The kids had a garage sale today. For me, it was a long awaited chance to recover some space in what was otherwise an unvisitable garage. A year and a half after the remodel, things were crammed so tight I didn't know what was in there anymore. Toward the end, with only a few things left, and...
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    Getting the PEG

    I'm getting my PEG tube tomorrow morning. I'm still swallowing just fine, the problem is that my breathing is declining, and so the procedure becomes riskier if this is put off too much longer. Wish me luck, and send your prayers. I know this is a relatively minor procedure. But I've been...