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  1. Phil M

    Doctors and Medicare?

    We have a ALSA at Emory here in Ga. They are great when its time for equipment, new, or loaner stuff. I still want to go to clinic to support research and such, but when it comes to treating my symptoms, and quality of life...they do not hear me! I'm thinking I would get better and more...
  2. Phil M


    Can you come out and play? We miss you! :-D
  3. Phil M

    Primary Dr's?

    Has anybody else have trouble with your primary Dr getting reluctant to treat you? Mine has been helping me with pain management, and refilling my prescriptions. Lately it seems like my Dr is getting tired of fooling with me. I have to communicate with him using email since I can't talk, and he...
  4. Phil M

    A little worried...

    I took a nasty spill today at the bottom of the stairs, and really hurt my back. I sure hop I can recover from this one!
  5. Phil M

    Just another peg question..

    For those who use the gravity feed long does it take to get a couple cans of formula down the hatch? I'm tired of fumbling around with syringes, and the bag sounds much easier, but I'm hoping it does not take a long time...thanks!
  6. Phil M

    So unhappy.....

    I had no choice but to move in with my elderly folks after struggling to keep living by myself. My Dad is 76, and is the best father a son could have. But his mind is getting weak, and he does not listen to me at all. I try to tell him how I want to be treated, but its just falling on deaf ears...
  7. Phil M

    Wheelchair day!

    Supposed to get a loaner chair today, so I guess I am a official gimp now! lol! It is going to relieve some stress, and give my wobbly knees a break! I'm going to put it to the test in the woods! lol Might need to put a winch on it!
  8. Phil M

    Stem cells?

    So, who all thinks it will be "the" cure? How long do you think it will take? Just interested in hearing your opinions...
  9. Phil M


    I swear in the past 24 hours. I feel like I have progressed another 6 months! I feel a lot weaker! All I know is I have barely slept in 3 days. Has anyone noticed increased weakness from just lack of sleep? Thanks!
  10. Phil M

    Peggers on pills....

    I imagine most of you have figured it out already, but I was getting tired of the pill crush routine. So I started experimenting with just letting the tablet type pills dissolve on their own. Most of them dissolve instantly, and the rest of them will dissolve in 15 minutes or so. I'm done...