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  1. hjlindley

    Choosing a Lift

    I think I'm at the point that I need to buy my own lift. Does anyone have a lift you are fond of or that is worked out well for you. I have a manual lift on loan from the loaner closet, but I'm able to buy one and free that up for the people who really need it. I've looked at Hoyer, direct...
  2. hjlindley

    Controlling the television

    I have both a Samsung phone and a Samsung television. I was playing around on my phone and discovered I can control the television by gentle touch for my phone. This is great because holding the remote control was trouble enough and pushing the buttons was making me crazy. Sometimes it's the...
  3. hjlindley

    Bedding tips

    Here are a couple of things that have made my sleep easier. First I have a bed cane, which allows me to get out of bed without assistance. I have a blanket lifter that keeps the comforter off my feet. And we got a comforter with a removable cover and eliminated the use of the top sheet. I found...
  4. hjlindley

    Women and megace

    I don't know if anyone else was prescribed Megace for appetite stimulation. It took some digging to find out that it's actually an artificial progesterone. For women that increases risk for blood clots and other side effects. I don't do very well with hormones and it is the probable cause of two...
  5. hjlindley

    It's not always ALS

    I am assuming the rest of you are like me and we blame everything on this disease. For last three months my blood pressure has gone up, my pulse has been racing and I've been extremely short of breath. Last Saturday night I woke up at midnight certain that I had been bitten by a shark. Extreme...
  6. hjlindley

    turning in bed

    I find it increasingly difficult to turn over in bed. I quite often wake up on my back, which is very uncomfortable. Are there any tricks or is it time to get serious about a hospital bed. I'm tempted to sleep in my recliner but it's a long way to the bathroom. Thanks Hollister
  7. hjlindley

    way to hold cell phone

    Since I am distal onset, my hands have become pretty useless. After I dropped the cell phone 3 times in a day, I Googled cell phone case with lanyard and found a basic case for my Samsung Galaxy that has a long lanyard and elastics on the back that I can put my fingers in. Great for those of us...
  8. hjlindley

    public awareness

    since I can still speak I am doing what I can to continue to raise awareness of this disease. Here are some links to the articles the local paper in Richmond is doing about me. Caregiving needs will grow as ALS worsens - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Richmond Arts, Entertainment & Lifestyle Friends...
  9. hjlindley

    public awareness

    our local paper, the Richmond Times Dispatch, is doing both the print and video series on my struggle with ALS. Imagine my surprise to see me on the front page this morning! I'm hoping this helps awareness for all of us. Here is the link: VIDEO Living with ALS: Hollister Lindley - Health -...
  10. hjlindley

    Restaurant fundraiser

    For anyone in Virginia, some of the wonderful local chefs we have in Richmond are coming together at Pasture restaurant, downtown Richmond. It will be a five course dinner with wine and beer. The proceeds will benefit the ALS clinic at UVA. The date is January 12. A good time will be had by all...