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  1. Al

    Give thanks to david

    You are right if it was not for David this forum would not exist. And I am sure this Forum kept Al alive for so long it was a big part of his life and gave him a purpose in life. I would also like to thank each and everyone of you for all your for your participating in the forum to give it a...
  2. Al

    Tired of falling and dead arms

    You must be on the no fly list. lol AL
  3. Al

    Should I see an ALS Specialist?

    Doesn't sound like ALS to me. It is not caused by a virus. No one knows what causes it. The odds of you both having ALS are astronomical. AL.
  4. Al

    I'm scared to death I have ALS, what do you think?

    No you don't have ALS. Not even close. AL.
  5. Al

    Medical Marijuana for ALS

    Don't the rules vary state by state? AL.
  6. Al

    Help please... I think my dad my have lost control of his eyes:(((

    Welcome back Irma. You really need to pick a password that's easy to remember. AL.
  7. Al

    Bi pap

    We cut Elastoplast bandage to fit nose. Go right to top of nose. Works for me. AL.
  8. Al

    I'm new here.

    Welcome but sorry about your mom. Hope we can help. AL.
  9. Al

    Op - Ed

    Way to go Ted. AL.
  10. Al

    Definition of PLS

    Primary lateral Sclerosis is a disorder of the upper motor neurons. The degeneration of these upper motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, which control voluntary movements, cause disabling spasticity and weakness. As the muscles are not directly affected, there is no wasting or...