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  1. Johnnysgal

    Fecal Transplant

    It sounds like a load of poo to me Jim.
  2. Johnnysgal

    Please read and respond! I'm nervous.

    Since money is an issue, Save yourself some, skip the GP and neuro and go directly to the shrink. :) All the best to you.
  3. Johnnysgal

    Overcoming humiliation

    Just out of curiosity, is Jess's hotdog shop still on court square?
  4. Johnnysgal

    God, Jesus and Healing

    5 years, no wonder your dog finds you special Johnny....... I'm not a bible expert but you do know what they say.....cleanliness is next to you're doomed you dirty birdie.
  5. Johnnysgal

    God, Jesus and Healing

    The conversation seems to be slowing, you all might want to move on to other equally appropriate topics, might I suggest sex, personal odors, hygiene and bodily functions. :lol:
  6. Johnnysgal

    Keeping track - part 2

    Hey Joe, I've filled out the PZ Lab generic job application form that I saw you left laying around the forum but don't quite know where to post it to? MA, that is Massachusetts not Maine right? Always get them mixed up. I'm usually Johnnysgal but reckon I have time for a second job as Joesgal...
  7. Johnnysgal

    Merry Christmas :)

    Merry Christmas :)
  8. Johnnysgal

    Hi Johnny, sure hope you are ready for Christmas and you and family are enjoying your Christmas...

    Hi Johnny, sure hope you are ready for Christmas and you and family are enjoying your Christmas tree and the lead up to the holidays. Have a wee nip or two and think of me. I sure wish we could have a proper natter, shame those days are gone but not forgotten..... To better days..... Merry...
  9. Johnnysgal

    Toast to Bob

    To Cervus' Bob!
  10. Johnnysgal


    Thank you so much Hawroe and and Cubcake. Your replies were very kind and helpful. You two must be special people to have some special friends like that. :) I think I will just read and not ask questions Vzandt. I don't have the time needed to read a lot of older posts and research people...