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    Bulbar Onset - Relentless Coughing

    I had a bad bout with unstoppable coughing, and I was admitted to the hospital. Basically, the hospital did very little. However, my excessive secretions went away after a few days. The only thing that changed is I stopped taking vitamin C. As time went by, I forgot about my excessive...
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    Loss of tongue control

    I recently discovered that my considerable secretions (for 2 months) were caused by taking vitamin C. When I stopped taking vitamin C, the secretions stopped and have not reoccurred.
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    Bowel Issues/Questions-Seeking Advice

    I've found that many symptoms are due to medications. Most of the ALS doctors I see have recommend a very high protein diet. I've found that some high protein drinks cause serious constipation, and I can't take that. Taking (2) eggs every morning helps a lot.
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    Wheelchair van

    I am very grateful for the help I've received from the VA. That said, I have spent months trying to get a ramp for my van. The bad info I received from the VA also cost me an few "extra" thousand dollars. Do not attempt to get the van first. Not even the exact same make and model they...
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    Can't get rid of phlegm

    Bestfriends14 . . . . I have had a similar problem with phlegm for decades. It was so bad, that it caused me to get bronchitis or pneumonia several times. If I take any expectorant the symptom quickly got even worse. I've found that it helps to take an anti-histamine, but that makes me...