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    Good luck to you all!

    The road is bumpy, but it eventually smooths out, bit by bit. You've had the courage to endure and stand by your pALS, so that courage will carry you. Good luck, Good Life...
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    ALSGA Fundraiser in GA

    ALSGA is having a fundraiser in Thomaston, GA in honor of veterans with ALS (vALS). T-shirts are being made that list the names of vALS. Here is the link if anyone has the ability to donate: Here is the link to contact Lisa, if you would like to add a...
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    The day I married my love was Sept. 24th. It dawned on me today that we would have been married 24 years tomorrow and that he died on the 24th day of a month. Not that there is any significance, just that it popped into my head. Ah well... I can't tell you how many times we both forgot our...
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    "The Visit"

    Have any of you past cALS had "The Visit?" I've been reading up on the deceased paying visits to family and friends to re-assure myself that I haven't gone completely insane! :shock: Several nights ago, I thought someone had broken into my house. I was in bed and someone put their hand on...
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    For pALS/cALS in certain parts of US

    I came across this as I was researching something totally unrelated. I had never heard of this program, probably because my state does not participate. Perhaps this program will be helpful for some of you pALS and cALS. Anyway, it's worth looking into! It's called "Program for All-inclusive...
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    Pub is open!

    Your bar food suggestions and music vids are welcome. We will try to accommodate. Express yourself with food and music. Nachos are my favorite! Here is the music from the juke box:
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    7 months +

    I am thankful that I can remember the good times. I can remember how smart and handsome he was! I can remember he was sly like a fox! I remember he loved me and our son with all his heart! He was a good man.
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    "Love Hormone" study for FTD

    I hope something will eventually come of these studies, in order to help pALS and their families that are dealing with FTD. Very interesting discovery.
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    I felt very awkward today

    I took my son to an open house at a new school. Sitting in the auditorium, I noticed lots of fathers with their sons. One in particular was three rows down and hugging his son. My son became very agitated as the speaker enthusiastically went on about fundraisers. I was upset with him because...
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    Sadly, Joni's husband has left us...

    I'm very sorry to let y'all know that sweet Joni's (Joni51) husband passed away this morning. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through this very difficult time. Let us send her strength...