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  1. Ms. Pie

    Avoiding Granulation

    I just got my feeding tube about a month ago and have some irritation at the stoma. My husband cleans it every night, bless him. But the irritation persists. It's not bad but I don't want it to get bad. How can I avoid granulation?
  2. Ms. Pie

    Female urinal that really works!

    I'm in TX being spoiled by family. My sister and I found female urinal that works! It's called Mabis Female Urinal. We drilled a hole in it about an inch from the bottom on the top for pressure release to avoid drips and not a drip dropped! You can use it sitting or lying down. I put a towel...
  3. Ms. Pie

    Twinmommie aka Islandblue aka Michelle has passed...

    I called her Islandblue but here se is Twinmommie. May she rest in God's loving arms and may God comfort her young twins and all who love her.
  4. Ms. Pie

    Islandblue aka Michelle has passed...

    A friend that we haven't heard from in quite awile, Islandblue, has passed. She was a beloved daughter and mother of young twins. I have missed her. May God watch over her babies and comfort all who love her.
  5. Ms. Pie

    Ordering a Power Wheelchair...

    I was fitted today for a PWC. Is it recommended to get the power lift? I seem to remember someone saying that they didn't order it but wished they had. The cost ($1,500) will come out of our pocket since medicare won't cover it. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ms. Pie

    It says I'm not a registered user...

    I can't get to my profile page tonight. I get a message saying I'm not a registered user. Huston, we have a problem!
  7. Ms. Pie

    Please sign our petition if you haven't already!

    We need 10,000 signatures to be heard! Please spread the word and if you haven't signed yet, will you please? We've a long way to go and not much time. Thank you! ** removed email/address harvesting **
  8. Ms. Pie

    I want to keep my fingers straight...

    Several of my fingers are beginning to distort/curl under. I begin pt and ot in a couple weeks and I'm sure they'll help me out but I thought it might be helpful to me and others if I knew what tricks you're using. What do you do, if anything, to keep your fingers straight? Thank you in...
  9. Ms. Pie

    Leg Brace question...

    I have the prescription from my primary care doctor. How do I go about getting a leg brace? Thanks!
  10. Ms. Pie

    Shon aka smwelder is with God

    The following message is from Shon aka smwelder's sister Gidget. May God rest his soul and grant peace to his loving family. "Yesterday 01:07 PM - permalinkgidget1 Hi to all of my brothers friends just want to let you know that the sun has set on 8-24-11 for my brother. I know he would want...