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    Hi all- I have been on the forums since February and just in passing read something Barbie mentioned about Benecal, or Benecalorie. I just felt this was important enough to make it's own, current, topic "just in case" is helpful for anyone. My mom has bulbar onset ALS and so...
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    First ALS clinic visit tomorrow

    I've been hanging back, but reading quite a bit. I feel like I tell y'all my mom isn't "that bad," and then I go visit them and I find myself consciously forcing myself from visibly showing my reaction... my reaction to how thin she is... how slowly she moves... how slurred her speech is...
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    Just an update!

    I'm not sure where to put certain things. But I've been on a here for going on a month now, about my mom. Y'all have been so helpful and supportive. So I just wanted to provide an update for those who have followed me so far. No need to respond, y'all. Really! Some of this is just getting...
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    First Clinic Appointment Qs

    Let me preface by saying I am beyond frusturated. My mom was diagnosed (finally) on 2/18/13. I was in shock and didn't really get all the info my dad was giving. So I called them yesterday. I knew the neuro had referred them somewhere... I assumed it would be the ALS clinic here in Dallas...
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    My mom was just diagnosed

    Hi all- My name is Jamie, and I just joined this forum and will go through and read. I've just started this process of educating (un-educating/re-educating?) myself about ALS. My mother has been struggling with all those non-descript symptoms for about a year. I urged them (my parents) to...