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    Veteran's with ALS - Questions

    I've recently been diagnosed with ALS and I'm a veteran. I'm wondering what other Vet's have experienced with the VA. I'm working with a rep from PVA and she seems very positive and thinks I'll get my first disability check in February. I've also learned that the local VA Hospital has an ALS...
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    First Day of the Rest of My Life

    I've made a few posts and got great feedback from members of this site. I was seen by a neurologist at the University of Minnesota yesterday. He had reviewed all of my medical records and test results so after a very thorough exam he told me that I have ALS. I have mixed feelings now after...
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    Coats - What Do You Wear?

    What do you do for a coat? I've lost a lot of movement and strength in my arms and as winter is approaching I need to wear a coat. I can't put on a coat or take it off very easily. I searched the internet and they seem to make things for people in wheelchairs but I couldn't find anything for...
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    Questions to Ask

    I've been seen by a local neurologist and he has referred me to the Mayo Clinic. I tend to completely forget any questions I have until after the visit. I also don't know what to ask in this case. Here are my symptoms: Weakness in both arms with the right being the most severe. I can't...
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    Worried and Waiting

    I a 60 year old male that has developed some disturbing symptoms. I went to my family doctor and she referred me to a neurologist for an EMG. I went to the neurologist and instead of the EMG he sent me for an MRI of the cervical spine and the brain with and without contrast along with a CT...
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    EMG Question

    I'm not sure when my symptoms started but on June 13th, 2013 I had sudden onset of numbness from my right shoulder down the right side of my body and into my right arm. I had a previous stroke and assumed that I'd had another but this was different. I went round and round with seeing my...