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    The Bioness NESS L300

    Hello folks, I was wondering if anybody is familiar with this product. The video is 4 minutes long.
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    In the beginning stages of my onset, my first neurologist had me take steroids orally. This did not help me a whole a lot physically and did a lot more damage to me mentally. I was wondering if anybody had any insight on taking steroids with the needle and syringe instead and if that had any...
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    Couple of ?

    Does anybody else deal with constant cold feet? I've been doing acupuncture around 1-2 times a week and that has helped with things such as my balance and back muscles. Has anybody else had any acupuncture, and if so how did that make them feel? I'm also looking to try yoga and maybe even...
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    Other's Progressions?

    My timeline, help. Hello I am new to this forum and forums in general. All feedback would be appreciated. I am unsure how to pour out all my details. So here we go. As of right now I am undiagnosed, but my neurologist is comfortable with calling it PLS. To date: I have a hard time bending...