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    Concerned ALS

    I have a quick question and hope someone will reply. My right elbow for the last 3 weeks has had constant twitches and I'm starting to get really concerned. The muscles twitches happen are also up the back for my arm. Would like to know if you think this could be ALS. I have read that muscle...
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    Hello, firstly thank you for reading my post. I will outline my symptoms, it all started September 2020 my right shoulder started hurting then my arm, forearm, wrist and then my thumb, index finger and palm of hand. I don't believe I have any muscle weakness it does hurt to lift things. My arm...
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    Hi there, my mum was diagnosed will ALS in 2018 and now worried about my symptoms. What started as a dry scratchy throat and dry mouth then started to panic, lump in throat lead me to believe I had throat cancer then oh my goodness I have the same as my mum. Feels like my throat is jumping...