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    ALS Walk article about me

    I'm only 62 not 68. Orangeville Article: Against all odds AL
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    Orangeville Ont Walk for ALS

    Sat. June 2 at Island Lake Conservation Area. Registration at 8:30 Walk at 10 am. For more info se ALS Ontario - Home or contact me. AL.
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    Van for sale Toronto area

    Ford Freestar 2004 Handicapped rear entry. 10100 km. certified snow tires and summer tires and rims $18000.00 call Al or Lee 519-940-8357
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    14,000 Diseases

    Saw a commercial yesterday and it said that at present there 14,000 diseases on record. No wonder it takes so long for some to be diagnosed. AL.
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    What made you choke?

    Had 2 incidents lately. First was cinnibun second was rye toast with butter. Question is for ALS patients who have choked bad enough to change color or needed Heimlich. Just wondering if we need a list of stuff to avoid. Thanks. Caregivers are welcome to jump in too. AL.
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    What a crap day.

    Waiting for Lee to come home from radiation treatment to take me to ER for possible broken foot . Had to have our 14 yr old Border Collie put to sleep this morning. Not sure which hurts the most. Gage is the one on the right. AL.
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    Items For Sale

    I received a note these items are available for sale if any of your clients are interested, please contact Sharon Marks at 519-472-3402 or [email protected] The porchlift, which is in the garage, is in excellent condition so she is wondering if there is anyone in the ALS community...
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    House for sale Burlington, Ont. Canada

    This gracious home offers main floor living in a quiet, serene court setting, with a large lot siding onto a ravine. All principal rooms - living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, master bedroom with ensuite and laundry room - are on the main level. An additional two bedrooms plus...
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    Glen Brittle.

    Talked to Wanda and Glen's in hospital now. Joel's death moved him deeply. He still can type a bit but with all the people we've lost lately it's just knocked the fun out of him if you know what I mean. Wanda said his speech is gone but he still has some use of one hand. She'll try to get him to...
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    June is ALS Awareness month in Canada

    June 4 is also the Orangeville Walk for ALS at Island Lake Conservation Area at 10 am. See Home for more details. My team is Al's Pals.