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    Leaving Florida after visit with sister-in-law

    That's just the kind of visit us CALs and PALs need. Way to go!
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    Feeding tube and DPS

    After alot of trial and error, we found that the Nexcare Tegaderm transparent dressing (4"x4") keeps the connector, connector holder on bandage & wires driest. An expensive fix since we're already using one of these to hold on the gauze over the wires for normal wear. I've seen online that...
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    Feeding tube and DPS

    My husband had the DP and the PEG put in on June 13th, 2013. We had to stay at the hospital a couple of extra days due to a pneumothorax and the insertion of a chest tube to correct it. We are one month out & both of us believe his coughs & sneezes have strengthened. He doesn't really feel...