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    Went to see my GP 2 days ago . Worried about a ALS or a serious MND

    So I went to see my GP 2 days ago.I told him about my fear of having ALS or something deadly. He did a about a five minute neurological exam on me.He doesnt I have ALS because he said I dont show any evident signs.He can't confirm this though.I'm going to see a neurologist hopefully within the...
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    How Fast Can ALS progress ? Rapid onsets? please read

    I'm a 19 year old.I'm pretty much a healthy guy.I have been a healthy guy all of life.About 15 months ago I started having these weird symptoms.My arms started to get tired from any little thing that I would do.I started getting pain right under my wrist.When I would carry things my shoulders...
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    19 year old male worried about ALS

    So I know that ALS is rare in a 19 year old but here is my story. So I'm a pretty healthy guy up until I started having these weird symptoms. I was in the kitchen stirring up some pancake mix when I noticed moderate weakness and fatigue in my arms. I went to a neurologist when all of this...