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    What equipment should I request before Hospice

    We just went through this process with my mother, when we started using her Medicare hospice benefit. Before we started we needed her PWC and speech generating device and that was it. Hospice provided: 1. Hospital bed 2. Bedside commode 3. Lift chair/recliner 4. BiPAP 5. Suction machine 6...
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    Painful Question

    Thank you all for your thoughts and good wishes. We do not consider this suicide; we consider this a positive choice, one of the first things that has been fully in her control for some time. We do have hospice on board, and having made this decision she seems much more at peace and able to...
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    Painful Question

    Hi friends, my mom has decided to stop taking hydration and nutrition through her feeding tube. Has anyone here taken care of a PALS who's made this decision? Does anyone have insight into what we can expect?
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    thank goodness for hospice - and you

    Hi friends, Just a quick note of thanks to you all - your advice on Hoyer lifts, clothing, bathroom tricks, good threads for my mom to read - I've posted so many questions over the last few days and have been given thoughtful, generous answers. Your info on Hoyer slings was even informative for...
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    summoning help at night

    Hello again friends. Tonight's problem - mom sleeps downstairs, caretakers sleep upstairs. 'Til now we've relied on a baby monitor plus a dinner bell she rings when she needs help in the night. But can anyone think of a good solution when she can't get to, or ring, the dinner bell? She can no...
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    Nice clothing for women with ALS?

    Re AFOs, I took my mom to buy sneakers a couple of months back. To fit the AFO (which she has only for one leg) we got two pairs of men's shoes, because her feet are already wide and the AFO made her foot that much wider. We got one smaller pair and used the left shoe for her un-AFO'd foot, and...
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    Just starting with Hoyer lift

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, friends. All your stories and the videos will be very helpful. I'm not sure what kind of lift we're getting - it depends what hospice brings.
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    Just starting with Hoyer lift

    We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of a Hoyer lift as transfers are really difficult. Could anyone point me to a thread for Hoyer newbies? And if there isn't one, could I gather your wisdom here? I am wondering: 1. If you have recommendations for slings; 2. If it's possible to sit on the...
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    A good place for PALS/FTD to start

    Thank you Mrs Pie, I'll check out the tea thread.
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    A good place for PALS/FTD to start

    Hello again friends, I've received so much help and support from this forum and would like to get my mom involved with it and you. Can you suggest a good comforting thread for her to start with?