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    Someone recognizes my story? Serious muscle problems since 8 years.

    Hey guys, I follow this forum for about a year now and didn't know if I should post my story in this topic, but I am a little concerned. Good thing to know: I do not think I do have ALS, but clinical research shows high neuron problems, they thought it was suspicious. Clinical research is...
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    How is hyperreflexia related to a MND?

    Hello, I do not want to bother anyone here, but I have some questions about hyperreflexia related to a motor neuron disease. I've tried to keep my long story short. This are not my own speculations, but noted by several doctors and neurologists. My story starts about 7 years ago, when I...
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    Could this be PLS?

    Dear All, I hope I don't bother you with my long story, but I am looking for help! Hopefully I posted this in the right category! I'm a woman from 21 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I am desperate and I need some help. What's my story? The problem started when I was about 15 years...