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    Inernational lefthanders day!

    I'm a lefty all the way. My sister is too. And a couple female cousins. But none of the boys were.
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    very thick saliva in back of throat ...

    Hi Max, ice chips help me. Do you get a runny nose with that too? Wishing you the best Mary Ellen
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    I worry ...

    OK, Tillie. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate ? The darker, the better for me!
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    Hi Everybody

    Hi Flash, I just started posting more too. This is a great group. I'm humbled by their knowledge, compassion, and welcoming spirit! Mary Ellen
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    I worry ...

    I worry all the times. Too many things to worry about! Need to let go of them. I'm trying but it's tough! Maybe I'll prioritize! Mary Ellen
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    I Feel Lucky ....

    I feel lucky to be alive. Lately, I find myself trying everything out there! I know it's that tick tock of the clock getting me to try things. It's now or never! Keep up the good fight! Mary Ellen
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    PEG Tube

    I couldn't agree more!
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    Wow! If a was guy I would have loved being a Santa! We went on a cruise to the Caribbean 4/13, and a group of Santas were traveling with us. So much fun! I bet you guys have great Christmas memories. Hold on to the good memories! Wishing you both peace.
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    Max say sumpin

    Hi Max, I'm fairly new but really enjoy your posts! Continue to fight the good fight!
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    I hate ...

    I hate hearing myself talk and knowing it's just going to get worse.