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    I was just prescribed Rilutek for my PLS and was wondering if anyone else has ever taken? My doctor said it will hopefully improve my swallowing and speech. I was just tried on a very low dose of zanaflex and I was able to speak for first time in two years, which was a miracle. However, it...
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    Was wondering

    I am newly diagnosed with PLS..symptom onset was 2 yrs ago. My neuro referred me to be evaluated for a Peg feeding tube. I do sometimes have issues swallowing but not all the time. I can't speak at all and use a iPad with a speech app. I initially lost a ton of weight at onset of symptoms but...
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    I'm new here

    Hi. I'm new here. I just got diagnosed with PLS a couple weeks ago officially after 2 years of looking for answers. I'm 35 year old woman and doctors thought I was crazy and just needed therapy. It was seriously hard since I became severely disabled within a few months time. I went from being a...