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    drugs and side effects

    I wanted to find out if others have had side effects from Riluzole and Neurontin. I was on both and now off both. I went off one at a time to try and figure out where the side effects were coming from. When I took the Riluzole in the morning, within 30 minutes, I could hardly walk. I was numb...
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    sleep medications

    Hello, I have a terrible time sleeping. If I wake up at 2am I can't go back to sleep. When this happens my muscles ache more than normal and I actually feel sick. I am still working (as much as possible) and it's hard to do with out sleep. My doctor put me on Trazadone for sleep. I've been...
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    ALS Diagnosis Confirmed Today

    Hello all, I had my clinic visit today at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. I've had 6 MRIs, 2 EMGs and lots of blood work with two different neurologists.... all fairly normal. So today my diagnosis was confirmed. Its ALS. My husband and I were prepared for the news. We had the same diagnosis...
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    Newly "almost" diagnosed

    Hello all, I've been reading the posts on this forum for over a month now and decided to join in. I was diagnosed by a neurologist on July 17 but went for a second opinion with a really good doctor at Ohio State Medical Center - Dr. Kissel - and he said it's possible but is doing more tests...