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    restless legs on riluzole?

    I've lowered my Riluzole dose to just 25mg a day and am not feeling as anxious or wound up anymore, but my legs are very restless (it continually feels like there's a cramp in them). did anyone have this strange side-effect? does it go away?
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    question about Rilutek side-effects

    thanks but I read that (first thing I did) and it doesn't mention psychological discomfort, which of course doesn't rule it out as a possibility
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    question about Rilutek side-effects

    I apologize, I do not actually suffer from ALS but rather a very severe form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. there was some evidence published that Riluzole might be helpful in treatment-resistant cases and so my doctor agreed to a trial. unfortunately it is so hard to find experiences from...