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    Clearing of Throat

    hello, i am a 38 year old male and have been having a need to "clear my throat" often. I do not have any slurred speach or problem drink liquids or food. Althutt I do suffer from occasional twitching. Can bulbar start off as something as simple as "throat clearing?" Thank you, Joe
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    Hello, I am a long time twitch suffered ( on and off 4 years now). Recently, I have been having spells of what I consider to be slight dizziness. That being said, I can still stand on one foot and balance very well. In addition, I can run/jump stairs, etc. Is dizziness a sympton of ALS?
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    Saliva Question

    Hi eveyone, I have been feeling like I swallow my own saliva often - no drooling, no diffculty swallowing, no twitching, no muscle weakness... Is it ridicaulous to think this is a a beginning sign of ALS? Is swallowing saliva often a sign at all of ALS (early or late)? I apologize for the...
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    Very Scared and Can't Sleep

    Hello, I am 38 yrs old and have (2) small children. I have been expereincing bouts of muscle twitching for the past 4 years in various spots which usualy last about 2 weeks and go away. I have recently had a muscle twich in my neck which is going on for about 3 weeks now. Seems to be...
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    Advice please

    Hello, I have been sufferring for twitches which come and go for the past 5 years (eye, lip, leg, etc.). I recently have had a sporadic twitch in my neck for the past 3 weeks -- seems to get worse when I am relaxing. I have had no signs of muscle weakness. Does this sound like ALS or some...