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    The doctor said there was a possibility that the drug will be available to us after the study. I still don't know if I got the drug.
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    I am now starting to see some progression in my right leg where it all started and hands. Although my OT since he has been working with this last month says he sees no change in strength in my limbS,. So I don't what is happening. May the effects of the effects Tirasemtiv are wearing off?
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    I completed the whole protocol about a month ago. I am pretty sure I got the drug in that I had side effects associateed with Tirasemtiv. At the end of the protocol the research assistant and I compared my beginning numbers with my ending numbers and I had no progression . I think Tirasemtiv is...
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    I am not in the trail yet. I get screened for the trail next week
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    1/6/2014 Protests are coming

    I am with you all the way. What especially concerns me is medical discrimination and the slowness of the FDA approval. The first words that come out of Doctor's mouth about ALS is that you have 2 to 3 years to live.
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    I just began taking Mexiletine off label. Does anybody else have experience taking Mexiletine.
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    Jpsteeler99, what are taking? I am presently taking 2 drugs off label. Always willing to try something.
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    Does anybody know about Acthar? Has anybody been administered it? I am considering being a part of the phase 2 trail, there is little information available on this drug and ALS. thanks, col