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    Stressed Out

    My PALS is bulbar---no speech at all, no use of right arm, limited of left arm and can walk with some assistance. I have hit a wall with what it takes to get her in bed and comfortable sitting. Long before her ALS she had hard time getting comfortable. She spends a lot of time on love seat...
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    IVIG?-- ideas to help gasping, throat spams

    Hello everyone-- Wife was diagnosed Sept 2013 with bulbar onset then that called off when they found lymphoma. She had 5 chemo but bulbar symptoms progressed so now they do not think the lymphoma was cause of neuro issues and stopped chemo. New doctorc wants to try IVIG because of sarcoid...
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    Shands Hospital--Gainsville Fl

    Anyone had any experience with Shands neuromuscular clinic--good or bad?
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    Need a doctor---please help

    My wife started mild speech problem about 1 yr ago--it has now progressed to significant slurred speech and has swallowing difficulty and other issues. She has seen a neurologist and several ENTs that did nothing other than send to speech therapy. In surfing the internet for slurred speech i...