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    sorry to be asking so many questions lately, but one more question I have is does the spasticity or stiffness associated with ALS lessen upon relaxing or is it felt constantly? Also does resting relieve the spasticity at all? last question is does the spasticity feel relatively like cramping...
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    EMG question

    just a question I was wondering if anyone could answer and I will ask my doctor this the next time I see him. Does an Emg differentiate between ALS nerve deterioration and muscle loss from lack of eating and not working out? I have been sick for about a month and a half and during the time I...
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    ALS? 18 year old

    Hello all my name is sam, I am an 18 year old guy who has never had any serious health scares. For the past month and a half I have been to numerous doctors and I still have yet to be diagnosed. This whole thing started with sharp stabbing pains occurring throughout my body. These pains were...