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    Just got the word from my neurologist

    Good luck at Mayo Clinic. Hope that they find it not to be ALS. Mohan
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    Friend 31yr old newly diagnosed MND

    You have to keep your hope alive.There are all types of ALS.Fast spreading or slow spreading. I have met people who have had the disease for 12 years. The famous Stephen Hawkins has had the disease for over 50 years. Finally some bright spark of a Researcher can make a breakthrough. I think the...
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    To those with ALS, what do you think was the cause?

    I think you should have a theory on anything that interests or matters to you. This theory gets modified with more information or experience. This aids the process of undrstanding/ development. Mohan
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    A twitch could be a muscle twitch- fantastic word for it- fasiculation (probably spelt wrong). People with ALS have that. In my case my thigh muscles were throbbing/ pounding rather than twitching. Hope everything is all right with you. Mohan.
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    Hi, I had tingling in my left palm for months before I was diagnosed . Three after diagnosis a neurologist told me that my feet do not sense heat. current situation- palm is ok. Feet- constantly cold at night. But my biggest worry are my arms & shoulders. If you want to solve a problem find a...
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    To those with ALS, what do you think was the cause?

    Possibly stress and lack of vitamin D Mohan 1
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    Friend 31yr old newly diagnosed MND

    Hi, ' Counselling ' helped me a lot. The first session was difficult as I was in tears in front of a stranger. But it is a ' cathartic ' experience. In counselling sessions I speak 98 % of the time and the counsellor 2% .The only place on earth where I get such a deal! Mohan.
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    Hi All, I had bi-polar disorder / manic depression 20 years ago just once. I have been on Lithium/ Tegretol ever since. Was diagnosed with ALS in March 2012. This question has surfaced before in the last few months. As I recall no definitive conclusions. Mohan.
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    Question about ALS progression? How much time?

    Hi All, Thanks for the interesting discussion. The questions are what many of us had thought about. It is a deadly game with no rules. Mohan.
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    Neurx diaphragm pacer and peg surgery

    Hi Tom, Diaphragm Pacing A couple of questions if I may 1. The tiny terminal with 4 wires coming out of your body- how do you keep them dry during a shower ? 2. Do you switch off pacing when you are having your meals ? Thanks, Mohan.