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    lets keep topics under the right forum

    I know there is a lot of discussion about............." do I have ALS ?" there specific forum for that. Why are questions about.............." do I have ALS popping up in nearly every forum when there ..........IS........a forum already in place for those wondering...
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    A wasted effort to post !

    What is the sense of spending the time and effort posting a reply or sharing my experience when most of them go to MODERATOR and never appear again ? My posts are certainly not offensive and I certainly don't want to waste more of my time or effort to have them disappear and never to return...
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    physical exercise ....pros and cons

    In May of 2012, at the ALS Clinic, I was shown what I should do to exercise my wife's legs and arms and the therapist stated it was important. I gently raised Margaret's arms and legs every day but noticed that DESPITE my diligence, they were increasingly getting stiffer. Then, in the...