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    Propofol reverses symptoms

    I underwent laser septoplasty yesterday and requested propofol as the anesthetic. Based on my research I expected improvement in my als symptoms. I was not disappointed. Every symptom improved. I have bulbar onset als. Symptom onset 13 months ago. What was affected most recently showed the...
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    Decided a new thread should be started on this, but it may tie into the TB4 thread. I recently restarted testing this with positive results. Encourage others to give it a shot and then discuss. Description Vinpocetine (vinpocetine-ethyl apovincaminate) was synthesized in the late 1960s from...
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    Thymosin Beta 4 neuroprotective

    Do any of you have knowledge or experience with TB4, it is available. RegenRx is testing it Neuroprotective effects of thymosin beta4 in experimental models of excitotoxicity. Patrizia Popoli, Rita Pepponi, Alberto Martire, Monica Armida, Antonella Pèzzola, Mariangela Galluzzo, M Rosaria...