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    What in the world is the reason for a painful/uncomfortable test when the patient has already chosen to NOT use any extra equipment to keep her alive ? Why not respect the lady's wishes ?
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    Hospice will help manage pain
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    I'm certainly not a part of any " little tight group" but when college students come and say.........."tell me about your ALS experience"..........I get the feeling they are too LAZY to read the HUNDREDS of posts where nearly every poster HAS ALREADY bared their soul and stated their...
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    My wife never slept a wink in the daytime while confined to a wheelchair. Now that she is bedridden 24/7 , she sleeps a lot in the daytime.
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    Low FVC and pre-PEG scan?

    Perhaps newly diagnosed ALS people will realize that saying............" I will have a PEG installed, but not now. I will do it when I need it "..................has consequences and might prevent you from doing so.
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    NIght Time Breathing Troubles

    I would recommend a hospital bed for anyone with ALS
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    Work Now Knows

    and not for people who do physical work. I felt sorry for the Vietnamese man ( about 60) who just got diagnosed with ALS and attended our support group meeting. He barely spoke English and worked at a big factory on the assembly line. The day he could not pull the clusters of electrical wires...
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    OT Students Looking to Interview

    if you went from start to FINISH it would be impossible for you to post
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    OT Students Looking to Interview

    When you are paralyzed and bedridden 24/7 and have a spouse changing your diaper, come back and we'll talk.
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    OT Students Looking to Interview

    Yes, I feel I am more qualified to speak as someone who has witnessed all the stages of ALS vs someone newly diagnosed comparing you to my wife........... As you are she was As she is, you will be.