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  1. ysabel

    mri good so all is well

    results are in mri is good so all is well . there is nothing they can do for my falling or other issues except take me off the offending med so ive been off meds since the 4th . almost fell backwards down the stairs last night. but caught onto the rail just in time.
  2. ysabel

    taking a break till after i get results

    i realize this is a place where there are a lot of peopl suffering and its unfair for me to be complaining about my falling and nearly complete loss off voice. i have decided that i will take a break because its unfair for thos3 suffering to see my complaining. thanks to you all for your advice...
  3. ysabel

    mri scheduled

    My new neurologist could not believe I had no prior imaging done. So I have an mri scheduled for the 11th. I had blood work done today. The doc explained that parkinsonism and Parkinson's isn't the same thing. And Parkinson's has treatment parkinsonism doesn't. The neurologist in la jolla...
  4. ysabel

    just an fyi about symptoms

    As far as these symptoms and signs go... Twitching... everyone has twitching I do quite frequently and I don't have als. My daughters arm was vissibly twitching from across the room and she doesn't have als or any neuromuscular disease. Choking on liguids... I do this often and sluring I don't...
  5. ysabel

    this is atrophy and twitching...

    I ran across this before and figured this may help some people understand als twitching and atrophy. This guy is doing his own documentary. My apologies if youtube links are not allowed.I ran across this before and figured this may help some people understand als twitching and atrophy. This guy...
  6. ysabel

    not really a rant but want ideas on charlie horses?

    I've tried rubs and get very little relief what else besides that and motrin? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  7. ysabel

    hey question about pronator drift? sp?

    Ok I've been working with a lawyer to get my social security and ss doc noted pronator drift is what I caught from the conversation. What does it mean? I have no idea? Tia! I did get approved btw
  8. ysabel

    the confussion at the docs

    today i was thinking i was going to neurology... my mistake my daughter got the apointment for me.i saw my gp today and i have a neurology apt oct 4. the refferal said to evaluate and treat muscle weakness. so neurology called and i had to tell them i already have a diagnosed i just need meds...
  9. ysabel

    why is it so mentioned in the dihals forum ?

    i guess i didnt know enough when i joined ,but twitching is mentioned all the time and it seems that its obsessive. i am guessing that some must have google searched symptoms and gotten obsessive with every move? im not trying to be mean but ive had twitching in my affected muscles and i have...
  10. ysabel

    the falling

    i know I'm not alone on this we all do this... fall due to loss of balance. it only scared me bad when i fell down the last few steps! no injury thank god! but makes taking steps scarier! my primary here is setting me up with neurology to see if i need an assistive device again. on another...