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    What to eat without peg

    Thank you both so much for your replies. I will discuss this with my dad and see if we can try some out. She was eating soft boiled eggs until a month ago and now only on liquids. Then when drinking less than half actually gets in so my mom has lost a lot more weight. Thank you.
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    What to eat without peg

    Hello everyone, My mom cannot eat purée food anymore. I was wondering is there anything we can put on her tongue that tastes good but dissolves without causing her to choke? She still says no to the peg tube and takes very small amounts of liquid now. She has a desire to taste but just can't...
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    Sorry - I didn't realize there was already a wonderful thread in the ALS research news section
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    Hi everyone - they are live tweeting the event #fdahope4als
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    I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I was reading the blog by Eric valor who was the late stage ALS patient trying the GM6 drug. His blog is
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    I just received an email that there is going to be a rally for ALS in Washington DC on March 25th at noon to ask FDA to fast track drugs. My family lives very close to DC so was hoping to go.
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    Visiting physicians

    Hello everyone, I was just thinking how helpful it would be if there could be a team of neurologists, respiratory therapists, etc. that can visit the PALS every time it becomes clinic time as it gets harder and harder to move. I know some things are not doable but my mom is so scared to go out...
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    Great News for Vets; Good News for Others 2nd Ed.

    This seems like really good news. I was just wondering how it was good news for other PALS (who are not veterans).
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    Hello all, I have been a frequent visitor to this forum since my mom's diagnosis in December 2013. I thought I should just say a little more about team gleason (which I am sure so many of you might be familiar with). I wrote to them when I was in shock after the diagnosis and I couldn't believe...