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  1. duplinwino

    What was your FVC when you went on BIPAP

    I'm confused somewhat as well. DH doesn't struggle to breathe, but late March his FVC was 40% and he was put on BiPAP at night. Yesterday at recheck he is at 33%. His NIF decreased as well from 58 to 38. I need to ask more questions...
  2. duplinwino

    Need your thoughts on MMN

    Thank you Laurel and Rose! Laurel, please tell me this is covered under your insurance some how. The doctor told us yesterday for the cost and my jaw dropped!
  3. duplinwino

    Need your thoughts on MMN

    I haven't been on in a while and I hope everyone is doing well. I appreciate the messages! I'll try to make this short but my head is spinning after a new visit to a new ALS Clinic yesterday. A little background, DH was diagnosed with MND/atypical ALS early 2007. He has had a fairly slow...
  4. duplinwino

    Shower Chair question

    Marianne, definitely check the loan closet! That's where we got ours from, same as Joel's and it has worked out nicely. We also use it for toileting and you can adjust the height and also flip the arms back if need be. Ashley
  5. duplinwino

    help coming for me:-)

    What a wonderful blessing all around! I would do the same thing - clean before the cleaning people came. I'd be embarrassed by all the dog and cat hair all over!
  6. duplinwino

    weak cough a sign of respiratory difficulty?

    Glad you posted this as DH has the same troubles with cough. We also noticed at our daughter's first game of the season, he doesn't have the voice he used to and ran out of air quickly while trying to cheer for her... diaphragm muscles I suppose?
  7. duplinwino

    Anyone else experience this as a caregiver?

    We're in the same boat Bev, though we're much younger (33) and I'm most likely physically stronger, I'm exhausted and my body aches on a daily basis. I work full time and have a 10 year old. Thankfully I am blessed to have family nearby but the mornings, evening and night time are all me and I...
  8. duplinwino

    Paresthesias, numbness and sleep, oh my!

    Mare, sorry it took so long to respond but thank you so much for your wonderful advice! No confusing at all, sounds great. Still wonder about the pins and needles feeling. He got them over the holiday, this time from his chest up to his head. Just odd. Thanks again!
  9. duplinwino

    Paresthesias, numbness and sleep, oh my!

    Thanks abbas child. I work as well and get up at 5:30, so him needing to be turned so often is killing me. He's 200 pounds so shifting and pulling and turning get my adrenalin going and that doesn't help me get back to sleep quickly! He can't really move his arms or hands so those have to be...
  10. duplinwino

    Paresthesias, numbness and sleep, oh my!

    I was curious if anyone else experienced pins and needles feeling, specifically in their scalp and face. DH gets these occasionally, sometimes when transferring or sometimes just out of the blue with nothing out of the ordinary going on. He says they're pretty painful but they pass pretty...