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    ALS charity/fundraising

    Hello all you lovely folk! I'm doing a charity event beginning of the year and I would like to do it to raise money for ALS. Can anyone advise the charity to go with? I don't want to pick one, where the money I raise goes towards someone's wages. Thanks, and sorry if I have posted in the...
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    Tongue Atrophy?!?!?

    I am shaking.. Please can someone have a look..
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    Isolated toe twitch not visibile

    Guys, Im having massive worries still and feel like crying. The spasm/twitch i dont know what it is is STILL happening in my right foot the toe next to my small toe, it feels like it's literally under the joint cravis of the toe. And I keep trying to get my mind off it but its still there I...
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    Toe/foot twitching

    Hi All, I have been relaxed the last week or so. But I'm still 2 weeks later having twitches in around the same foot under the curl of your toes. If I put pressure on the toes the twitches go crazy but you can't see my toes moving it's like under the skin. I tried to take relax it by using a...
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    Please can someone respond to my latest message in the below thread

    Apologies for creating a new thread
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    Muscle bumps

    Hi All, I've had blood tests come back indicating that i have slightly elevated creatine kinase, doctor has agreed to have me seen by a muscle/neuro expert. But today I noticed on my biceps and they're not very big small bumps slightly smaller than a pea but also the muscle towards my shoulders...
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    MND Worry

    Hi All, I have been complaining about neck and throat ache for the last 2 years and have had an endoscopy and an ultrasound on my thyroid both to come back with nothing apart from GERD which i take medication for daily ( omeprazole ) I have had muscle spasms twitches in my body since i got...