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    ALS Bulbar On set .. Moms O2 level is low.. Any help?

    My mom's O2 levels are very low. It keeps to as low as 83 and the max is 89...She's on O2 2% overnight , but lately needs it 24h/day...She refuses to use bipap.. I try everyday and max I get is 15 min ( when I'm lucky)...she has bulbar als. how bad is this o2 level? Im very worried..Shes...
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    My Mom has ALS

    I think I just need to talk maybe? ...Difficulty in swallowing and speech were the first signals that something wasn't right... My beautiful mom was diagnosed with ALS on Jan 2013... It was devastating... I look after her on my own 24/7 and it breaks my heart to see her so weak, skinny and...