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    Driving Privileges being Taken Away

    Thanks. I think I knew that there would be no easy way to do this. My husband also loved to hunt and fish. Loved to talk and never knew a stranger. That's what I hate about this disease - it takes away everything they loved to do. Now, he just sits and watches the same 5 or 6 movies all...
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    Driving Privileges being Taken Away

    Any advice on the best way to take away your loved ones driving privileges? My husband has ALS with FTD and I no longer feel comfortable with him driving. My kids are also pushing me to take his keys away. He doesn't drive much anymore, usually to our local post office and Subway (he LOVES...
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    As a loved one, how do you stay strong?

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband. My husband was also diagnosed with ALS in 2011 (symptoms started in 2009). He has been a trooper (better than me). It is a hard and difficult journey, but you will find the strength because you have no other choice. I've done my share of crying...
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    Still going strong

    My husband also has bulbar onset. His symptoms started Thanksgiving Day 2009 with slurred speech. After months and months with all kinds of different doctors, he was diagnosed with ALS. Today, his speech is progressively worsened, he has FTD and uses a Bipap at night. He has NO trouble...
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    Scared / Depressed / Worried

    Thanks so much for the words of wisdom. Some days are just harder than others. My daughter is just finishing up her first year of nursing school, so she'll be able to help more. My son will be returning from Afganistan in June, so that will help also. Family is what is important.
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    Scared / Depressed / Worried

    My husband has ALS. He started developing symptoms Thanksgiving Day 2009. Currently, his speech is affected and he has cognitive thinking problems. It has not progressed to his lower body yet (which I am grateful). The man I married was a "man's man", loved to get involved, outgoing and...
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    Husband with ALS

    I'm so sorry about your husband. This is my first day on this website and I'm hoping it will help me with all my fears, wishes, etc. My husband has also been diagnosed with ALS. His started with his speech (I would love to hear him carry on a conversation with me just one more time)...
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    Tips, Help and Insights Appreciated

    Thanks so much for the message. I probably should have done this months ago, but I'm here now!
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    Tips, Help and Insights Appreciated

    Hi, My husband started to develop symptoms Thanksgiving Day 2009. Little did I realize the journey we were about to begin. He had cut his hand the previous weekend and was on pain pills. So the slurring of speech – of course, it was the side effect of the pain pills. But the speech got...