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    More twitching questions

    I hate to keep asking questions, but there is so much garbage on the internet, and I want answers from PALS or their relatives. I have all the symptoms pointing to ALS, but a neurologist and all those expensive test is something I just can't afford. I have insurance, but still with the co pay...
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    Does anyone who has ALS or have a relative with ALS know if the twitching is only in the weak limb. Let's say your right arm and hand and fingers are weak, can the twitching be only in the affected limb or can it be on the left side too? I have a weakness on my right side but no weakness on the...
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    Possible ALS?

    Hi, I am a 48 year old male. About 3 months ago I noticed a weakness in my right arm, hand and fingers. Brushing my teeth, shaving, buttoning my shirts, zipping my pants, all became difficult to do. I feel unbalanced, I have lost my balance and fallen a few times. Swallowing food is not a...