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    A question about atrophy

    Hi Guys, just want to confirm two things. Does atrophy always follows weakness? Because I am twitching for a few days in my thenar i.e. between thumb and index finger area and I feel that left palm thenar has a dent, though I don't feel any difference in strength. And if so, would EMG have...
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    A question on bulbar onset

    Thanks Dalvin, affected and Atsugi... I hope that's what I needed to confirm...
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    A question on bulbar onset

    Hi Guys, I won't waste much of your time, just wanted to have few clarifications. It would be really helpful if you can please comment on any of symptoms if that looks like ALS. I started having frequent facial twitches (i.e. tongue, eyes, throat, lips, cheek etc.) and have calf muscle...