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    My Mom lost the battle

    Dear Sandra, My mother was diagnosed in April 2005 and today we were told the end is near (a couple of months at best) and so this is why I'm here now, just trying to find solace in the experience of others and I came across your message. For all our knowledge we can still never be fully...
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    Potty Problems

    My mum has started wearing incontinence aids too. While the fact books state people with ALS/MND don't lose control of those functions, when it is such a big effort to get up and down all of the time to go to the toilet, albeit frequently, I think it is a relief for them to have something to...
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    Question to ALL:

    I don't know the technicalities but there is a kind of shoe insert you can get to prevent the foot dragging. From what I understand it holds it at a right angle, and the toes can't drop down, and this lack of dragging will prevent falls. Maybe someone has one and can offer more advice.