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    ALS EMG vs Neck Injury EMG?

    I recently had an EMG and it showed small abnormalities in the Left Supraspinatus (+1 Fibs) Left & right Rhomboid Major (+1 Fibs), and right Cervical Paraspinal Low (+1 PSW and CRD) muscles. The doctor said these alone didn't have the characteristics (sounds, look, etc..) of ALS but of possible...
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    Still worried after 3 EMGs

    My symptoms started with weakness and atrophy in my hands/forearms in 2005. Spread to my left calf/knee as well. I also have twitching and sometimes a "creepy crawly" or "numb" (but its not) feeling. Major symptoms on entire left side -minor on right. I had a normal EMG in 2006, another in 2008...