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    remember the Head On commercial s per the products own webste you mention "THE FDA. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE". The statements they make are pure marketing. No proof, testing or studies that give results other than taking our money.
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    Communicating in advanced stage

    Dynavox can help but Dynavox products can help, but thru Virginia Mason in Seattle, it takes months to go thru the hoops to get one. Medicare will pay up to 80%. I started with trying to get an appointment last july to today the order/billing is messed up. if i can get it, at least i can pass...
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    Thickening drink recipes needed!

    Like everybody else here that is having problems with water or thin liquids what are some of the recipes or solutions that you have found?
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    sleep needed soon

    what meds on? What sleeping aids are u on? Do u have range of motion help?
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    When disability?

    Mario please ck again You need to get a review of your government benifit vs your co. disability from another person. You have a few sources of income that combined do not work to your benifit With a better Social Security person you can get more returns. I am not giving specifics as each of us...
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    ALS/PBP and Communication

    sorry but negative today Do people/family really want us to talk? when your voice declines to the point of evaluation it takes a month to get the appointment. Then the speech person blows off getting the out of state Dynavox rep appointment for 3 months. You then wait another month for that...
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    New-thought I'd say hi

    Fun How did u like the face mask penalty....... u like NASCAR?
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    Happy Halloween!

    i want i want the TIN MAN suit from the Dale Brown author
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    glad u got diag you got the clearance by 3 neros. u did ok.
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    Sensitive question: ventilator or no vent?

    Feild trip Docs talk but have you visited patients/friends on vents. We keep our minds but our bodies, oh well. Your local chapter may have both types of us that can get around and those bed ridden. A visit may be welcomed by our brother/sister.