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    What price do you expect for a cure?

    As re: charges, many hospitals bill insurers the anticipated amount of reimbursement. There isn’t enough detail on the EOB’s to really discern whether or not that’s the case here. But Florida providers have a reputation for being, shall we say, aggressive.
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    ALS Research

    None of us have been tested -- Dad insisted on managing his relationship with UofM without family involvement (after we got him there for a workup). Genetic testing advances continually, and frankly I've put it off waiting for greater discrimination in the results, but I am willing to...
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    ALS Research

    All; First father died three years ago from ALS (U of Michigan diagnosis), his brother died the year prior from ALS (U of Iowa diagnosis), their grandfather died from ALS (Mayo Clinic diagnosis). I haven't kept up as I ought as regards new or emerging therapies, I recall when Dad...