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    Question to ALL:

    Hello everyone, Sorry I have not participated in a long time - life has just been difficult..., and I will leave it at that. Please, can you give me some input as to the followng: From the moment one develops a "foot drop," what is to be expected later on, is the progression at all...
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    On This FIRST DAY of the NEW YEAR...

    Wish EVERYONE better days ahead! Your help and compassionate presence has brought much needed support and reasons to hope. Thank you all!
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    Revisiting Toxic Additives to Foods

    It is increasingly difficult to come up with any food other than any and all being home-made in order to assure nutrition as well as being toxin-free.
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    Loss of sense of taste

    Hello everyone, Please, can you tell me if anyone has experienced loss of sense of taste? As soon as I posted only few days ago that dad was doing well, all of a sudden he is not. The mental anguish he is going though is making matters far worse, as all his nerves are reeling. As if this...
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    Hello everyone! Horrific cramps and weakened left hand thumb muscles was the reason for a doctor's check-up and a subsequesnt ALS diag. Since then, Jan. 2005, my dad has been taking a relatively high doze combination antioxidants. For 2 months now he no longer has cramps. Fasciculations are a...