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    Thickening drink recipes needed!

    Like everybody else here that is having problems with water or thin liquids what are some of the recipes or solutions that you have found?
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    Roll in shower-cost-funding

    OK, house modifications are the pit and expensive. We all need or want showers that we can eventually be rolled into, hosed off, and turn around and do our pvt business. But for those who have or know, how do you fund this expensive project?
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    Sale Ebay Til 8/5

    *expired link removed* great deal if u have to pay 4 your own chair delete this after 8/5
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    Anybody have a Dynavox

    looking for X10 and pc experiences with this product
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    Dont get a motorized chair yet

    Gotcha.... all you stalkers of this site that are not participating or denying you need a chair well, suck it up and believe the doc or us. Getting up and dressing on Fri. i took a header into the dresser and into the floor (arms dont work to good and weak legs). took 20-30 min and got in my...