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    Hello again: You told me to write when I went back to the neuromuscular and did emg, he did not want to repeat it because there is no objective weakness (for him) and he has told me that showing denervation in the abductor hallucis and fasciculation in that muscle is common because it is easily...
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    Very Scared

    Very Scared Goodnight everyone: I have been with generalized fasciculations for three years, the first two emgs were clean (2017 and 2018), one I did it four months after the fasciculations began and another after eight months and both were normal, the last emg I did it in November last year...
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    Marta’s question

    Hello, I would like to ask you if acute denervation always presents as fibrillations or positive waves or can it appear only as fasciculation, I understand that until a few years ago fasciculation in the territory of chronic denervation was not interpreted as acute denervation but in the new...